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Since Naples United formation in 2017, we have a proud tradition of serving our community. We are a 'Family Club' which actively provide a range of services to those that live in Collier County and beyond. Our task is to use soccer as a way of increasing soccer participation whilst also promoting Naples United FC first team.

Due to popularity and the growth of our club on the field, producing a winning team environment we are focusing on our non-profit arm to make sure that we are able to get as many of our youth, adults and seniors participating in the beautiful game.

We aim to employ 3 full-time members of staff as well as a number of coaches working on a sessional basis.

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2017 founded by partners Vicente Sandoval & Veronica Docio, with a vision of bringing a top level team to the city of Naples. Persevered through no facilities and no home field. Playing in the NPSL

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2018 the new arm of Naples United FC as officially granted with a 501c3 status. First foray into creating a space for all kids to play for free in Collier County


2019 Naples United FC became the first team to represent Naples in earning a berth in the Open Cup - the oldest and most prestigious competition in the United States


2020 former professional soccer player Enoch Showunmi joins the team as Club Director to help push growth of the club in all areas. With that also came a place we call home at Paradise Coast Sports Complex


2021 Naples United FC became the Sunshine Conference Champions for the first time. Representing Naples in the regional playoffs in Mississippi 

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2022 Sunshine Conference champions again.
Built an afterschool program at Bridge Prep Charter School. Started our own academy.
Working with Grace Place & St Matthews House to help build our community 

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MISSION: making a positive difference for all through soccer, physical activity and learning

VISION: improving lives and enhancing communities

VALUES: Rising, Recognition, Resilience

We continue to renew and adapt to meet the needs of the community we serve. With the key insights from local, regional and state data, we are confident that we have created a clear direction for everything we do.

It gives us a focus but effectively monitor, measure and report on the genuine difference we are making, ultimately delivering upon our vision and mission. The soccer industry has proven to touch lives of so many old and young but also tackle several of society's issues. Which is why we believe strongly in the power of partnerships to steer that. These partnerships can be with local authorities, key stakeholder groups, soccer authorities. They are also with corporate sponsors and funding agencies. 

By working collaboratively with our partners and ensuring high quality delivery from our dedicated and hardworking staff, we are confident that we can continue to play OUR part in making a positive difference in our community.

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We plan to tackle multiple issues that are prevalent in our community with different programs geared towards helping people within our community.

Our community include those that are in Collier County but as a club we will explore new and exciting ventures to expand the Naples United FC family.

Mental Health is the number 1 priority in Collier County and with national statistics stating that 1 in 5 adults in the US would have had treatment for mental health and up to 1 in 6 school age children, it is important to make sure we are addressing these issues.


14% of school children are obese 

25% of Collier County population is living below the poverty line and 34% are cost-burdened

33% of Collier County residents are over the age of 65 and 21% are living alone.


      "Our mission is to make a positive difference for all through soccer, physical activity and learning"

Physical activity can have a major impact on health for both children & adults as shown below:

health benefits kids.png
Health Benefits adults.png


Our programs will target the following initiatives:


Less anxiety, improved academic performance, boost in self-esteem and confidence



Improve heart function, reduce the risks of diabetes, controls blood sugar, lowers tension and stress level


Promote social interaction, working together to achieve goals, and building skills such as teamwork and leadership.


Our program will take place during peak risk hours for juvenile crime


This program will be available to all despite of skill level, race, ethnicity or gender, weight etc


Our program will provide children with opportunities and pathways that at this moment are not available to them. All children will receive a proper healthy snack and good hydration at every training.


Deprivation in health, skills & cohesion in our community
Community Engagement
Social Inclusion
Soccer Activity
Learning & Skills
We have improved lives and enhanced our community
People in Collier County are healthier
People are more equipped for the future
More cohesive community
More people engaging in soccer
More accessible opportunities
Financial stability
More partnerships
More targeted opportunities
People in our community have better emotional well-being
People in our community feel more connected to Naples United FC

Make a positive difference
Naples United - Tax ID # 82-5415162

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