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Naples United FC 

Competitive League Registration
All ages welcome up to 19

Good afternoon,


We would like to invite your athlete to join the competitive team for Naples United Soccer program for the 2024/2025 season.


It is important that all players that register for the team understand that it is commitment to the Club, Coaches and teammates. Missed practices are detrimental to the development of the team as a whole and to the players on an individual basis as well.


The team will be led by Coach Marco, and training session will be twice a week at Mackle Park in Marco Island.


In order to ease the financial burden of our families we break-up payment in the following way.


A. Training Fee


$150 Monthly Training Fee


This fee will include 2 weekly training sessions of 2 hours each. This is a 9-month commitment - August to May.


B.   Membership fee


The registration fee per player for the 2025 season is $350. This is a one-time payment apart from the monthly training fee. REGISTRATION IS DUE IMMEDIATELY. This fee includes FYSA membership and Insurance.


If you have any questions, please email Veronica at

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